The first phase is to come up with an initial design. We will meet with you at your project location. We will listen to our ideas, propose some new ideas and come up with a preliminary plan. We will take some picture of the areas involved in the design. We will ask you to think about how you use your property and the type of effects you prefer. We will talk about the various control options for your lighting system. None of these decisions have to be final. We will also discuss budgetary considerations. We will prepare a list of all the equipment and amenities we recommend with a cost to supply and complete the install. The purpose of this meeting is to determine if we mutually agree that there is a reason for us to continue and work together on the project. There is no pressure to commit but with that being said 90% of clients who hire us sign up and reserve a space in our construction schedule at this meeting. In order to proceed to step two, an agreement is signed and a deposit rendered.