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Security Lighting​

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Safeguard your home and protect your property and loved ones from criminal activity and other mischief around your home with outdoor security lighting. We design landscape lighting systems that will discourage invaders and burglars from entering your property. By applying various lighting techniques, we are able to select the proper placement and direction of the fixtures to ensure that if anyone should come near your property they are easily seen. Sometimes landscape lighting terminology can be confusing. You may have heard of outside landscaping lights or led landscape lighting and thought you would give it a go installing outdoor lighting or have one of those “outdoor lighting companies” that are really just landscapers trying to add an additional service on for some quick cash.. Leave it to a professional outdoor lighting company like Prestige Outdoor Lighting that specializes in outdoor lighting and outdoor security lighting. You can trust our team of outdoor lighting contractors with your project as we are the reputable exterior lighting design and outdoor lighting installation company in the Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC areas!


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