Security Lighting

Security Lighting​

Enhancing Safety

Safeguard your home and protect your property and loved ones from criminal activity and other mischief around your home with outdoor security lighting. We design landscape lighting systems that will discourage invaders and burglars from entering your property. By applying various lighting techniques, we are able to select the proper placement and direction of the fixtures to ensure that if anyone should come near your property they are easily seen. You can trust our team of outdoor lighting contractors with your project as we are the reputable outdoor lighting installation company in the Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC areas!

For Residential Areas

  • Suburban Neighborhoods: In suburban areas, security lighting can deter potential intruders by illuminating entry points like windows and doors. It also helps residents feel safer when returning home late at night.
  • Rural Properties: For homes in rural settings, where the nearest neighbor may be far away, security lighting is crucial for visibility and safety, especially around barns, workshops, or remote corners of the property.
  • Gated Communities: In gated communities, security lighting can complement the existing security measures, illuminating common areas like walkways and recreation centers, and adding an extra layer of safety.
  • Townhouses and Row Houses: Security lighting in townhouse complexes can help illuminate shared spaces, such as parking lots and pathways, reducing the risk of accidents and deterring potential trespassers.
security lighting

For Businesses

  • Retail Stores: Security lighting can deter theft and vandalism, making it a vital addition for retail stores. Well-lit exteriors and parking areas make customers feel safer, especially during evening hours.
  • Restaurants and Bars: For businesses that operate late into the night, such as restaurants and bars, security lighting is crucial for customer safety and to prevent after-hours break-ins. Well-lit entrances and parking areas also make the establishment more inviting and accessible.
  • Hotels and Motels: Security lighting in hotels and motels ensures guest safety and helps in monitoring the premises. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal, making the property appear well-maintained and secure.
  • Warehouses and Industrial Facilities: Large, open spaces like warehouses benefit from security lighting to prevent unauthorized entry and protect valuable inventory. Adequate lighting also ensures safety for night-shift workers and early morning deliveries.

Security Lighting

Our Process

Site Assessment and Planning

First, we conduct a thorough site assessment to identify key areas that require illumination for enhanced security. We consider factors like landscape layout, existing lighting, and potential dark spots to ensure comprehensive coverage. Based on this assessment, we create a detailed lighting plan that strategically places security lights for optimal effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures

Our next step involves selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures tailored to your specific needs. We prioritize high-quality, durable lights that offer both functionality and energy efficiency. We consider different types of security lights, such as motion-activated or continuous lighting, to provide the best solution that aligns with your security goals and landscape design.

Installation Process

Our skilled technicians begin the installation process by safely setting up the wiring and mounting the fixtures in the predetermined locations. We ensure that each light is properly angled to maximize visibility and eliminate blind spots. Throughout the installation, we maintain strict adherence to safety standards and local regulations to guarantee a reliable and compliant setup.

Testing and Final Adjustments

Once the installation is complete, we conduct comprehensive testing to ensure every light functions correctly and provides the desired level of illumination. We make any necessary adjustments to the light positions or settings for optimal performance.

Benefits of Security Lighting

Improved Safety

Illuminated pathways and outdoor areas reduce the risk of accidents and falls during the night. This is especially important in areas with uneven terrain or steps, ensuring safe navigation for both residents and visitors.

Increased Property Value

Well-designed outdoor security lighting can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. It not only boosts curb appeal but also demonstrates a commitment to safety and security, which is a valuable asset in the real estate market.

Extended Outdoor Usage

Security lights allow you to use your outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, or pools well into the evening. This extended usability increases your living space and provides more opportunities for evening activities and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the security lights be used in combination with security cameras?

Absolutely, our lights can complement security cameras by providing adequate illumination for clearer video footage during night-time.

2. How do I maintain my outdoor security lights?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the light fixtures, checking for burnt-out bulbs, and ensuring motion sensors and timers are functioning properly.

3. What are the best places to install security lights?

The most effective locations are entry points, walkways, driveways, and dark corners of your property. Positioning lights at varying heights can also improve coverage.

4. Should I choose warm or cool light for security purposes?

Cool, white light is generally preferred for security as it provides clearer visibility. Warm light is softer and often used for aesthetic purposes.

5. Can outdoor security lighting be stylish as well as functional?

Absolutely! There are many designs and styles available that can complement your landscape while providing security.

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