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Holiday Lighting

Experts in Holiday Lighting Design

At Prestige Outdoor Lighting, we illuminate the joy of the holiday season, embodying the spirit of festivities in every twinkling light we carefully install. When it comes to holiday lighting, our expertise is not just a claim—it’s a promise backed by years of experience, dedication, and countless satisfied customers in the Myrtle Beach, SC, and Wilmington, NC areas. We understand that holiday lighting is more than just a tradition; it’s an art form that turns homes and businesses into visual celebrations.

For Residential Areas

  • Suburban Homes: Nestled in community-oriented neighborhoods, suburban homes can benefit from holiday lighting to spread festive cheer and foster a sense of unity. Well-lit facades and driveways not only dazzle visitors but also make evening strolls more enjoyable for residents.
  • Historical Residences: Homes with historical significance often have unique architectural features. Holiday lights can accentuate these details, turning the residence into a festive landmark.
  • Luxury Estates: Expansive properties with manicured gardens are perfect canvases for grand holiday displays. Skillful lighting can enhance the beauty of these estates, making them stand out and be the talk of the town.
  • Cottage Homes: Situated often in serene settings, cottage homes can use holiday lights to enhance their cozy, welcoming vibe. Soft, twinkling lights can evoke a fairy-tale ambiance, making the cottage seem straight out of a storybook.
Holiday lighting done on a house by professional landscape lighting installers
Holiday lighting done on a house by professional landscape lighting installers
Holiday lighting
Holiday lighting done on a house by professional landscape lighting installers

For Businesses

  • Retail Stores: Eye-catching holiday lighting draws shoppers into retail environments, enhancing the festive mood and encouraging customers to linger longer, potentially boosting seasonal sales and creating memorable shopping experiences.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Warm, inviting holiday lights create a cozy atmosphere, enticing patrons to enjoy leisurely meals and festive beverages. This ambiance can set a venue apart, encouraging social media shares and returning customers.
  • Hotels and Resorts: Decorative lighting fosters a ‘home-away-from-home’ holiday spirit, ensuring guests enjoy their stay and potentially influencing positive reviews and recommendations.
  • Corporate Buildings: Sophisticated lighting in corporate environments reflects a company’s investment in its aesthetic and work culture, boosting employee morale during the festive season and impressing business clients with attention to detail and seasonal cheer.

Holiday Lighting

Our Process

Custom Design Consultation

Our journey towards illuminating your holiday season begins with a comprehensive, on-site design consultation. Our team of lighting experts evaluates your property's unique layout, existing electrical infrastructure, and, most importantly, your personal vision for the holiday display. This collaborative approach ensures we conceptualize a lighting design that captures your festive spirit, complements the architectural features of your property, and adheres to community safety standards.

Professional Installation

Once we've crafted the perfect holiday lighting scheme, our skilled installation team takes the helm. Employing industry-best practices, we meticulously install high-quality lights and decor while ensuring the utmost care for your property's landscape and structural integrity. Our team handles every aspect of the installation process, from strategically placing lights for optimal visual appeal to managing electrical loads, ensuring a seamless and enchanting lighting display without any hazards or stress for you.

Comprehensive Walkthrough and Approval

After we've installed your holiday lighting, the next critical phase is the client's approval. We conduct a thorough walkthrough with you, demonstrating the functionality and aesthetic elements of the display. During this stage, we invite your immediate feedback and are prepared to make any on-the-spot adjustments or resolve concerns you may have, ensuring that once our team departs, you are satisfied and confident with the quality and appearance of your festive setup.

Installation Quality Assurance

To ensure the ongoing performance and safety of your holiday lighting, our final step involves a comprehensive quality assurance process. Our professionals meticulously review the entire installation, double-checking the electrical setups, light placements, and overall aesthetic appeal, securing every fixture for long-lasting resilience. Although our formal services conclude upon completion of the installation, we impart detailed guidance on managing and troubleshooting potential minor issues, empowering you to enjoy the festive brilliance worry-free throughout the season.

Benefits of Holiday Lighting

Boosted Curb Appeal and Property Value

Professionally installed landscape lighting significantly enhances the curb appeal of a property, making it stand out in the neighborhood. This sophistication not only makes a home the talk of the town during the holidays but also contributes positively to its perceived value and appeal in the real estate market. Potential buyers are attracted to the elegant touch that lighting adds, often willing to consider a higher price point because of this desirable feature.

Extended Outdoor Living Space Usage

As the days get shorter in the holiday season, outdoor landscape lighting encourages the use of outdoor living spaces well into the evening. You can comfortably host outdoor holiday parties or family gatherings, knowing that your space is appropriately lit, warm, and welcoming. This lighting creates a cozy atmosphere that invites your guests to relax and enjoy the outdoor extensions of your home, even in cooler weather.

Increased Safety and Security

Landscape lighting provides a practical benefit by illuminating walkways, steps, and potential obstacles, reducing the risk of accidents after dark. This precaution is particularly valuable during the holiday season, when visitors are more common, and icy or snowy conditions can make paths slippery. Moreover, a well-lit property deters potential intruders, adding an extra layer of security when homeowners are away enjoying holiday events.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a property too big or small for your holiday lighting projects?

No property is too big or small. We cater to all sizes, whether residential or commercial, providing each client with high-quality lights and installation to ensure your property is festive and bright.

2. When should I schedule my holiday lighting installation?

We recommend scheduling your holiday lighting installation several weeks in advance of your desired start date for the holiday season. This ensures that we can fully accommodate your preferences in design and timing.

3. Can we customize our lighting design?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to share their vision, preferences, and ideas so we can create a custom lighting display that reflects your desired theme and style.

4. What measures do you take to ensure the safety of the installations?

Safety is our top priority. Our team is trained in proper installation methods, electrical safety, and we use only professional-grade equipment and materials to ensure the safety of both the property and our installation crew.

5. Do you provide the lights, or should we supply them?

We provide high-grade, commercial-quality lighting supplies for all our holiday installations. This ensures consistency in lighting quality and display longevity, although clients are welcome to use their own lights if preferred.

6. How do you price your holiday lighting packages?

Pricing is based on several factors, including the scale and complexity of the installation, the type of lights used, and any additional customization. 

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