2021 is Fast Approaching! Make Your Business Shine in the New Year!

Prestige Outdoor Lighting is a trusted local commercial outdoor lighting company. From resorts, community centers, restaurants, and offices, we are prepared to install outdoor lighting solutions that are tailored to your property and your business’s needs.

Customized Lighting With Demonstrations Available

Many customers wonder what their outdoor lighting would look like if installed or have concerns about making a commitment before knowing what the finished project might look like. We are happy to come out and do a complimentary estimate and show some examples of the types of lighting that we could install on your property to help you make a decision. Hospitality is your thing and lighting is ours! Some of the types of lighting we can provide for your property are architectural lighting, festive string lighting, tree lighting, flag pole lighting, outdoor security lighting and more. No two projects are exactly alike and you can rest assured that our professional lighting design team will not take the easy way out when customizing a plan for your business.

Attracting Additional Business with Lighting

Have you ever driven by your business at night? Does it stand out? Have some friends do the same to get an unbiased opinion. If you have a B&B or a bar and grill, curb appeal is important for future business. Colored or string lighting may be an option to add some character and curb appeal as well as set the mood you are going for. Have you dealt with a car theft or a break in after hours? Outdoor security lighting is an excellent way to deter thieves by making sure that your property is well lit even after you have closed and the parking lot is seemingly empty. Not to mention, customers feel safer at night frequenting businesses that have adequate outdoor lighting.

Installing a new customized outdoor lighting system is just what you need to kick your business off to great start for 2020! Get started with a complimentary consultation by giving us a call at 910-754-5483 or scheduling your free no obligation consult here!

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