3 Important Components of Outdoor Lighting

What makes a successful outdoor lighting system? Our team has worked in your communities of Compass Pointe, Landfall of Wilmington, Del Webb, Brunswick Forest, St James, Grande Dunes, and countless others for the past decade. We have learned quite a bit along the way as we have added to our portfolio, experience, and certifications. Our main goal is to create a lighting system that the homeowners will enjoy long beyond the day of installation! We’ve narrowed down the three most important components of an outdoor lighting system that is sure to last!

Lighting Design

Believe it or not, the process of a professional outdoor lighting system starts long before materials are even ordered. The first important component of an outdoor lighting system is design. Are you familiar with concepts such as Kelvin, lighting temperature, layering light, light pollution, and glare? Many homeowners find all of these concepts overwhelming. That’s the purpose in hiring a professional lighting designer. It’s our job to use our education and years of experience to create a design for your lighting system that will incorporate fixtures in your desired areas of focus to achieve your specific goals. We handle the design of outdoor lighting systems differently if you’re aiming to focus on security lighting for the front of home versus creating an inviting space for dinner on the back patio.

Fixtures and Materials

You can find almost anything these days on Amazon! But, buyers beware! Many of these fixtures are brought in overseas and may not appear or operate as pictured online. A professional outdoor lighting company has partners and vendors they work with to order materials for your project. Prestige Outdoor Lighting prides ourselves on choosing companies that warranty their materials and stand behind their products. Many homeowners don’t realize there is much more to order than just the light bulbs themselves. You must take in account for the wiring, connectors, and fixtures that are rated for outdoor use.


Choosing who completes your outdoor lighting installation is essential. If you have a professional design, the appropriate fixtures, and someone who has absolutely no idea how to install the fixtures according to the plan, you’re in trouble. That’s where our technicians come in to play! Wires can be corroded, improperly placed lights may be more likely to break during your routine landscaping. The list for potential disasters is a mile long. Our team doesn’t cut corners. Not to mention, we don’t hide when your installation is complete. We pride ourselves on offering maintenance services should you ever run into issues with your lighting system later on.

If you’re ready to let the pros handle your outdoor lighting project, you can get started today! Myrtle Beach and Wilmington area residents can call 910-754-5483 or click here to get started with their professional outdoor lighting consult- free of charge!

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