3 Landscape Lighting Techniques To Instantly Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space

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Do you spend all day manicuring your lawn, working in the gardens and with the plants? Perhaps your neighbors compliment your hard work and your lawn is your pride and joy. But, how do your home and landscape stand out in the evening hours when the sun goes down? Without proper lighting all of your hard work fades into the darkness. A proper landscape lighting system will be tailored to your family’s needs and will illuminate your best oak trees, water features, uneven walkways, the outdoor kitchen area, and more. Our lighting design team has over a decade of experience in designing and installing custom landscape lighting systems in the coastal Carolina region of Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC. There are various techniques that can be used to give your property a welcoming glow.


Through shining light upwards onto trees or architecture, you can create a sense of drama around your landscape. You can position spotlights to shine upwards and highlight texture and shape. You might use uplighting to shine directly on a surface, such as a wall or a palm tree. Alternatively, you could position the uplighting underneath a feature. To achieve optimal uplighting results, your lighting designer will identify the focal features on your property that you would like to illuminate.


Silhouetting is a lighting technique achieved by placing a lighting fixture behind an object to create shadows on nearby walls or objects. Garden statues and fountains are perfect examples of features you may want to illuminate using silhouette lighting. The closer that you keep your lights to an object, the more dramatic effect that you will achieve. For a more subdued look, we recommend dimming the light or placing it further away.


Have you ever sat on your back deck and admired how the full moon illuminated the sky? A popular lighting design technique is modeled after this. Moonlighting can be achieved by placing your fixtures high in the trees and shining them down, achieving a similar visual appeal as actual moonlight cast into your yard. If you do not have sturdy tree branches available in the areas of your property that you would like to illuminate, moonlighting can also be achieved by mounting lights to your pergola, or eves of your home.

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