3 Reasons Residential Landscape Lighting Is on the Rise for Myrtle Beach SC

Real estate sales are on the rise and so are home improvement projects. If you’re searching for the next way to improve your home’s exterior, landscape lighting should be at the top of your list. How do those who pass your home envision it at various times of the day? Are the most beautiful areas of your home still visible at night? Raising first impressions for the exterior of your home also elevates the expectations of the inside of the home.

Curb Appeal in a Booming Real Estate Market

Homebuyers cite landscape lighting as being a highly desired feature of a new home. This is because key features of a home such as columns, bricks, stone, majestic trees, grand entries, and more come to life with landscape lighting. Many homeowners start with their landscape by hiring a professional lawn care service and ensuring their shrubs are perfect. You can extend the beauty of your landscape design by incorporating landscape lights.

Increase Security During Uncertain Times

Many residents are seeking ways to increase security and preparedness at home during these uncertain times. Landscape lighting helps deter thieves and unwanted food traffic on your property by illuminating it and giving the appearance of someone being home. Our lights can be set on timers even if you might be out of town. Adding lights to strategic areas of the home such as around the pool area or on winding pathways and stairs increases visibility in areas where falls are common. This provides another layer of safety for both you and your loved ones and guests.

Functionality During All Seasons

If you love to entertain, it might look different in each season. Living in the coastal Carolinas, you might find yourself trying to head inside in the fall and winter months, not due to weather but just from the lack of adequate lighting to enjoy your outdoor space. Landscape lighting might include illuminating your grilling areas for a late-night barbecue and drinks or string lights over the patio to set the mood. Utilizing the services of a professional landscape lighting company provides you with an expert opinion on where to place your lights and installation and maintenance from our team.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has been completing landscape lighting projects in the Wilmington and Myrtle Beach areas for over ten years. You can trust our credentials and experience to take care of your home. Give us a call at 910-754-5483 or just click here to schedule your appointment today!

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