3 Signs It’s Time for New Community Lighting

3 Signs It’s Time for New Community Lighting

If you have a beach home or if you have family that visit your home a lot, you may often think about the first impression or the curb appeal your home gives. This is part of the reason landscape lighting is so important for homeowners. But, if you live in a neighborhood or community, the first impression that your loved ones have starts before they arrive at your home. Often, your community entrance leaves the first impression on those visiting your property.
One of the best ways to make a statement around your community’s entrance is with custom community landscape lighting.

1. Visitors Always Get Lost When Trying to Find Your House or Neighborhood at Night

Giving directions to your home for the first time can be a pain. If you’ve noticed your family or friends can never find your neighborhood, it’s likely that the lighting at the community entrance isn’t eye-catching enough. Making sure your community’s entrance is illuminated and easy to find is paramount for safety, convenience, and navigation.

2. Low-Quality Solar Lights or Burnt Out Lights

Weak solar lights often put out low amounts of light and may not be enough to fully illuminate your sign. If you have solar lights or lights that are burnt out or not providing ample lighting, it’s time for an upgrade for your community!

3. Frequent Car Accidents At Your Community Intersection

If you’ve noticed increased car accidents or frequent car accidents in the evening at the exit and entrance area of your neighborhood, there’s a good chance lighting is a factor. Entrance lighting would be a great idea to help improve visibility and safety for drivers in the evening.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has illuminated many prominent communities in the Myrtle Beach and Wilmington areas. We offer no-cost consultations. Contact us today by clicking here or calling 910-754-5483 to get started on your landscape lighting project!

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