3 Surprising Ways Landscape Lighting Will Improve Your Home

Home improvement is top of mind in the Fall season as we entertain our friends and family. Many homeowners choose projects that upgrade their home for their own enjoyment but also will come as a benefit whenever they may decide to consider listing their home in the future. Landscape lighting is an excellent project for homeowners that will provide endless enjoyment and financial benefits for years to come.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

Did You know that low voltage LED lighting can increase your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers? A number of studies have shown that landscape lighting can increase your home’s sell price by up to 20% in some markets if executed correctly. Having your home on the market for months can be an uncertain and stressful time for your family. Landscape lighting is an excellent return on investment if you are looking for a project that will appeal to potential buyers.

Extending Your Interior Living Space

When entertaining, an excellent goal is to have your indoor and outdoor spaces flow freely. The addition of landscape lighting allows your guests to move from the tv in the living room, to the grill outdoors, for a walk around the gardens, and back with a decreased risk of falls due to poor sight of the property. The outdoors provide numerous sources of potential entertainment for your loved ones, but you will want to be sure they feel comfortable with a properly illuminated space to do so.

Adding FREE Real Estate

Many homeowners in the south search for a secluded property that gives them privacy, especially when purchasing outside of city limits. It’s possible that you purchased a home on a one-acre piece of property in the middle of 20 acres of farmland covered in gorgeous trees and natural scenery. A lighting designer will be able to strategically place your landscape lighting on your property to show off the adjacent vacant property, instantly appearing to add free real estate to your property.

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