3 Ways Outdoor Security Lighting Can Protect Your Loved Ones

There aren’t many priorities in life greater than protecting yourself and your loved ones. The best place to start is right at home. Whether you’ve just started the process of building your home or you’ve had a scare that has prompted you to think more about outdoor security lighting, Prestige Outdoor Lighting is prepared to assist you with this decision for your home. If you’re still on the fence of whether or not outdoor security lighting is right for your home or worth the investment, we have a few key reasons to consider taking the leap!

Decreasing Falls by Increasing Light

Most falls occur outdoors. The National Institute of Health states 72% of all falls for men and 58% for women who are middle-aged occur outdoors. Why is this? It’s dark outdoors. Many properties have uneven or winding pathways. Research has found that most outdoor falls occur when homeowners or guests are walking. This means that the fall was not caused by abnormal or risky behavior, but instead by an everyday occurrence of walking around the property. Regardless of how careful you or your loved ones are, falls can and will happen. How can we reduce them? Professional outdoor lighting! A strategically designed outdoor lighting system will highlight potentially hazardous areas such as uneven ground or turns around your property. This will not eliminate but it can greatly reduce the risk of a tumble occurring at your home outdoors.

Decreasing Burglaries by Increasing Light

Did you know that 81% of burglaries occur on the first floor of the home? Many homeowners automatically start thinking of ways to safeguard their front entrance when they hear this. However, of that percentage, the majority of those burglaries come from other points of entry. This is why it is important to add protection to all areas of your property, not just your front door. Landscape lighting is an excellent solution as it allows you to illuminate the permitter, the front door, windows, secondary buildings or garages and any other spaces of concern where a thief may seek to gain entry or cause harm. Outdoor lighting is a great way to deter thieves and those up to no good!

Increasing Your Ability to Proactively See Threats on Your Property

It’s impossible to completely eliminate any threats that could come as a result of a poorly lit property, however, landscape lighting will prepare you for these incidents by allowing you to see them sooner and take action. Some homeowners question if landscape lighting is really necessary if they live in a neighborhood that would be considered well lit due to the use of multiple street lamps. The answer is yes you still need landscape lighting! Street lamps produce a glaring effect. You typically will focus greatly on the light in the foreground and not on what lies in the background. Landscape lighting provides a balanced light for your property.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting understands that in uncertain times, increasing the security of you and your loved ones is paramount! We are offering complimentary outdoor security lighting consultations for homeowners and can work with you at any stage of the process for your home, whether you’re just beginning the process of building or if you’ve been in your home for years. To get started, click here or give us a call at 910-754-5483.

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