Can My Music Sound as Good Outdoors as it Does Indoors?

The heat of a Carolina August summer has officially arrived here in Wilmington, North Carolina. The perfect time for hosting family and friends and soaking up those last moments before back to school! Living in the Southeast, we enjoy our time outdoors but also seek relief from the higher temperatures. Many coastal homeowners have pools to cool off on a float and sipping a margarita. Or maybe you have the latest Rachel Hollis book in your hand under a cabana, blocking out all of the day’s stresses.

Have you thought about how to set the atmosphere for your outdoor space? You’ll want to set the tone whether it’s for relaxation, dancing, or play with music. You don’t want a mediocre sound for an outdoor space where you have thousands of dollars invested in landscaping, pool maintenance, and outdoor entertainment. How do I find the right outdoor audio system that can be dialed in for both my Friday night fiestas and the Sunday snoozing by the pool? Just keep reading!

The Investment for Outdoor Audio

What do I get as a consumer when purchasing a quality outdoor sound system you may wonder? Doing research before purchasing is actually encouraged by reputable home entertainment companies. You don’t have to settle for muffled sound by the pool, ugly speakers that devalue your landscaping and garden, or different controls for your system. Did you know that it’s possible to have an outdoor audio system that is just as good if not better than your indoor audio set up? A true professional will be able to utilize your space and choose the best design and placement for your outdoor audio speakers.

SpeakerCraft Outdoor Audio

Among our partners for outdoor audio is Speakercraft. Speakercraft brings high performance audio and style in their Terrazza landscape speaker line. Not only do Terrazza speakers come with award winning performance, they also are valued for their weatherproof design. You can be sure to expect years of performance without worries over your typical summer rainstorm or the weed whackers from your landscaper. You can easily expand this system over time.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting and Speakercraft share the values of providing the best installation, performance, and value possible to our customers. Working with a brand that values the customer and the product as well as service makes our job that much easier! Rest assured Prestige Outdoor Lighting is prepared to kick off your outdoor audio project! For a free demo, give us a call at 910-754-5483 or just click here.

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