Christmas in July? Planning Ahead for Your Commercial Holiday Lights!

Has anyone else felt like 2019 has flown by so far? 4th of July is over and now everyone has been preparing for the next holidays! Christmas is still 5 months away, no need to be worrying about holiday lights yet, right? Wrong! If you’re considering a professional commercial holiday light installation in the Myrtle Beach or Wilmington areas, the time to get on the calendar is now! Not only will your holiday lights need to be installed, if this is your first year open for business or offering a holiday light display, they will need to be designed and the fixtures ordered as well! At Prestige Outdoor Lighting, we have customers who are standing on our calendar every year as we designed their commercial holiday lights and help with the installation annually.

Are Holiday Lights Really Necessary For My Business?

Holiday lights are a great way to draw in customers in the winter months. Decor and lights get your potential customers in the Christmas spirit and often results in people willing to spend more money. Even better, if a potential customer sees your display, they may wander in from the curb when they never had before or even point your business out to a friend or family member! Still skeptical? What if I told you that businesses have tested this theory out? Golden Corral’s franchise reported that they saw a five percent average increase in sales after hanging holiday lights at five of their restaurants in 2013. The next year, 50 additional franchises followed suit!

Top Tips for Illuminating Your Business

One of our greatest recommendations is illuminating the path to your business or providing a light display that can be viewed from the road if possible. Many of our customers are located in the county or on a winding driveway or even are tucked into a commercial park away from visibility of potential customers. Next, don’t be afraid of colored lights! Residential customers typically steer away from colored lights and we are in agreement for those decisions. However, a splash of colored lights for a commercial property is another story, especially at Christmas! Make sure to go with a professional for the design minimally! We also recommend you have a professional install the holiday lights for safety reasons. As a business owner you likely don’t have time to “deck the halls” with every light and decoration individually even if you wanted to. However, if you have a maintenance team or staff member that you are prepared to dedicate to installation, we recommend you use the professional eye of a lighting designer to kick off your holiday lighting project in right direction. Make sure that if you purchase any of your own holiday lights, they are rated to be outdoors!

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has been getting our community in the spirit by illuminating businesses for years now! If you’re ready for a new display this year or want a professional eye to plan a design that will set your commercial holiday display apart from the rest, it’s never too soon to get on our calendar as our availability around the holidays will go fast! Give us a call at 910-754-5483 or click here to get started today!

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