Commercial Lighting for Wilmington NC Businesses

Regardless of what products you sell or which services you offer, we can likely all agree as business owners that half the battle is getting foot traffic and attention to your location and your brand. Many in the Wilmington NC surrounding areas are vacationing here and are unfamiliar with our area as they pass through. How do you capture their attention to eat at your restaurant or shop at your store?

Many businesses take the approach of beautiful landscaping or catchy window displays. These options work great during the day but at night, does your business stand out from the road? Transform your storefront with commercial outdoor lighting professionally designed and installed by Wilmington’s trusted landscape lighting company. Adding outdoor lighting will only elevate the changes and efforts you have already made to stand out. Outdoor lighting also provides a sense of safety and security to make your customers and guests feel comfortable once they are at your business and the sun goes down. Not to mention, navigating from the parking lot inside of the building can at times be dangerous if a storm has occurred or if you have uneven grounds on your property. Reduce liability and injury by adding adequate lighting outside of your small business!

You might wonder where you should start? Where are the darkest areas of your business that you can identify?

Identify Darkness Around Your Business

Around commercial buildings, darkness can lead to a heightened risk of crime and uneasiness in your customers, as well as more accidents and injuries from tripping. Take note of the places around your property that naturally have a lot of shadows and darkness. Are these areas utilized by your customers as pathways or entry and exit points of your business? If you are a restaurant, are these areas that your customers will be dining or gathering? If you have ponds or pools, pathways, parking lots, steps, or uneven ground these should be at the top of your list for illumination. Don’t worry if you are concerned you are forgetting some spaces, our professional lighting designer is trained to identify spaces to illuminate for safety and aesthetics.

Save Money While Highlighting Your Business’s Brand

One of the benefits of going with a professional company that specializes in landscape lighting is their knowledge of showing off your company’s brand. We can use color (temperature) of lighting, show off any displays or models of your products outside of your building, and even showcase your storefront signage. Our LED lights are energy-efficient and are extremely durable, saving you a lot of money in the long run! Rest assured our products can stand the variety of weather that the coastal Carolinas see on a regular basis. As an industry standard, LED lights put off less heat than previously utilized halogen and incandescent bulbs. They put off less heat and are safe to use around your plants as well as reduced fire risks.

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