Common Landscape Lighting Problems and Solutions

In any business, there are frequently seen issues and frequently asked questions. Landscape lighting is no exception. Sadly, many of the frequent issues we see are due to lack of maintenance on a landscape lighting system. Still, homeowners are curious to know what to look for and if their issue is a “common problem” that we see on a daily basis. There are two common categories that many issues we see with landscape lighting occur within, environmental factors and technological factors.

Environmental Factors

Imagine you have just moved into your new home. The landscaping is pristine, walls freshly painted, the furniture is in and even the lighting system is installed and functioning well. You get started at that new job or volunteer gig, the kids have sports games every night of the week and you can barely keep up with your laundry, much less exterior maintenance. You’ve trashed the reminders that you’re due for an annual maintenance check on your system. All of a sudden you start to notice that some of your lights aren’t functioning properly anymore, if at all when you drive up after a long day. There are several reasons this could have happened. Corrosion happens over time when it comes to landscape lighting fixtures. All the rain and hurricane season late summer of each year does not help in this! The Carolinas also are known to have critters that can even find their way into your fixtures causing issues.

Technological Factors

If you had your system installed by Prestige Outdoor Lighting, you are likely already using LED fixtures. Although it is less frequent that this happens with these types of fixtures, the lamps can burn out with time. Damaged wires, faulty connections, and timers that need adjustment are also frequent fliers on our list of maintenance requests. These things can happen even with the most professional installation and best equipment. We certainly strive to offer quality products and installation as well as maintenance to reduce this though so our customers can spend their time enjoying their outdoor living spaces!

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has been an industry leader in landscape lighting for over a decade. A member of the AOLP and several other local organizations, we pride ourselves on staying connected to our community and our customers. If you have a maintenance need or a landscape lighting question, we are happy to help! You can find us by calling 910-754-5483 or clicking here.

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