Correct Usage of Path Lighting

A good landscape lighting designer takes into consideration all aspects of a property when illuminating a space. This allows for them (or another lighting designer) to come back months or even years later and add on to the lighting for the home if the homeowner chooses to do the project in phases. Over the years we have found path lights used in inappropriate places.

Where NOT to Utilize Path Lighting

In our years of experience installing landscape lighting systems, we have often found path lighting used in questionable spaces. If you choose an inexperienced lighting designer, they may take the approach that there’s never too much light or that any light is better than no light at all. These types of installers typically are not accredited by the AOLP and just place random fixtures anywhere they please to get as much light as possible in a space. That is not our goal! Path lighting fixtures should not be found on columns, in the middle of your flower beds or attached to your pergola!

How to Use Path Lighting Correctly

Even spacing and balance is key when designing and installing path lighting! This does not mean that path lighting must be identical on either side, but simply balanced. Imagine the lights for a runway at takeoff at the airport. That is certainly not the effect you want to give off when visitors are navigating the grounds to your entertainment space. Instead, alternating sides left and right if the path is winding and long may be more appropriate. The placement and size of the fixture should be determined based on the size of the pathway as well as other factors of your landscape and lighting design. It should work cohesively to effectively cover the space.

Sound like a lot of design decisions? Don’t be intimidated! Our lighting designers and installation team with Prestige Outdoor Lighting are trained to consider all of these factors and more! Our team has run into just about every possible scenario in our 10 years of experience designing and installing quality lighting systems for the Wilmington North Carolina and Myrtle Beach South Carolina areas. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation. To get started, just click here or call us today at 910-754-5483.

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