Creating a Backyard Your Kids Can Enjoy in the Winter Months

Have you worked hard to create an outdoor space that your kids will love to escape to with their friends? Many parents today love to see their kids go for an hour outdoors instead of in front of the television. If you’ve spent time focusing on their outdoor space, you may have thought about creating engaging play spaces through play equipment you’ve purchased or built. Have you also considered safety features? How about making it possible for your kids to play after dinner in the winter months when it’s dark already by 5:30 pm? Consider the addition of a professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system to bring out the best in the outdoor spaces for your kids or grandkids.

Swimming Pool Lighting

If you have a pool, it’s no secret that it can be both a wonderful and scary thing for children. Keeping a close eye is imperative but late night slips can be prevented with adequate lighting in your pool area. You may desire the lighting to be stronger in this area than in others, such as your lounging spaces in your backyard.

Pathway Lighting

Pathways are another area to illuminate for safe play in the evening hours. Sticks, rocks, and uneven walkways can result in scraped knees or even worse, broken limbs. Proper placement of pathway lights is imperative or they can create another tripping hazard themselves. This is why it’s best to go with a professional landscape lighting company.

Play Area Lighting

The swingset is another hot spot your kids may want to enjoy after dinner when it’s getting darker outside. Maybe your yard has a collection of play equipment or a picnic table where the kids enjoy an evening snack while finishing up homework. Mounting lights in the trees or fence surrounding this area is a great idea to improve visibility for them as they’re outside and for you, whether you’re watching them from the back deck, peering through the window as you wash the dinner dishes, or are right amongst them in the outdoor adventures!

Prestige Outdoor Lighting would be happy to come to your home and take a look at your play areas in the backyard to make some recommendations for outdoor lighting that can make this space functional all year long, even on those shorter winter days! To get started with your free consult, click here or call us at 910-754-5483.

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