Creating a Safe and Beautiful Outdoor Space with Landscape Lighting

It’s easy to feel gloomy when the sun sets before many can return home from work for the day & there are calls for snow and ice leaving you stuck inside more than usual. But, before you know it Spring will return and the season of outdoor living will be upon us! Get started on your outdoor lighting project now so it will be ready for entertaining your friends, providing safety, and curb appeal!

Pathway and Step Lighting for Safety

Pathway lights are typically found closer to the ground. If you have multiple spaces on your property that you use for entertaining, pathway lighting is ideal for you. Perhaps you don’t have clearly defined pathways and are seeking to utilize outdoor lighting to establish such a path. Pathway lighting is perfect for different types of terrain. Maybe your property becomes slippery or is uneven. This is a great reason to consider using pathway lighting to establish where your guests should travel between spaces and even to highlight any fallen debris that could become a tripping hazard as you navigate the grounds. As your guests travel the pathways of your property, they may arrive to a deck or staircase. Dark stairs are never safe inside or outside. Think about the staircases in your home. You will almost always find a light switch closely that you hit before heading up or down the stairs. While there are certainly differences between lighting indoors and out, this principle remains true outside. You want lighting for your staircases! A professional lighting designer can help you by placing lights along your railings or in the steps themselves.

Providing Curb Appeal and Accenting Your Landscape

Spending time and money on your home comes with the expectation of increased aesthetics. Outdoor lighting will not only make your home safer by preventing falls and deterring potential thieves on your property, it will also increase your curb appeal. Potential home buyers love the way outdoor lighting showcases a home’s best architectural features even as they pass by in the evening hours to check out a newly listed home. Your gardens, decks, columns, patios, and majestic trees can all be used to display the best parts of your home for relaxing and entertaining. Outdoor lighting should not only be used in the front yard or around the entrance. An expert lighting designer can design a lighting system that works together to encompass each area of your property.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting serves customers in the Wilmington and Myrtle Beach areas. Our lighting designer has over ten years of experience providing our community with quality outdoor lighting. Our team has the credentials, certifications, and awards to back our work. To get started on your project, give us a call at 910-754-5483 or click here for your free consult!

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