Creating the Ideal Outdoor Living Space for Your Home

Who doesn’t love to create memories with the ones the matter the most? Maybe you’re typically the guest and you’ve been to your neighbor’s home countless times. You’ve noticed that they always seem to have it together. Perfect food, perfect atmosphere, perfect company. Their home is so welcoming and you desire the same for your own outdoor living space. Plus, it would probably be polite for you to start sharing some of the load when it comes to offering to host. Where do you start though? Trust me, I can relate! It’s tough work to juggle a full time work schedule, the kid’s sports, and cleaning your home. To add in updates and decor for an outdoor living space? That takes time and commitment! I’ve learned that it takes time and and an investment up front, but the time you invest in your home now will be well worth it for the enjoyment of yourself and your loved ones when you are able to create memories in your down time together. Not to mention, there are several companies such as Prestige Outdoor Lighting who can take your vision for your outdoor living space, and make it a reality without you having to lift a finger!

  1. A Shaded Area

This is priority because let’s be honest, the good times typically start in the afternoon hours when the sunlight is still directly on your guests. Sweating is not conducive to a good time in most cases. Pergolas are a hit these days for outdoor living spaces. There are plenty of options when it comes to pergolas. You can call in a professional for the building process or if you’re on a budget and thinking DIY, Pinterest has plenty of inspiration on creating your own pergola for your outdoor living space. Be sure to consider which material would be best for your pergola; wood, composite, fiberglass, or another. Also, you’ll want to take into consideration the post dimensions and overall size of the pergola. Before you settle on the idea of a DIY project when it comes to an outdoor living space, be sure you are ready to put in the time, labor, energy, materials, and tools to get the job done!

2.  Entertaining Spaces and Activities

Whether it’s the swimming pool, the corn hole boards, the outdoor kitchen grilling up those famous burger recipes, or the patio with new outdoor furniture, you want to be sure that there are comfortable and entertaining options in your outdoor living space. Many people take advantage of building or having fire pits installed. You don’t have to have all of these options for a good time, but make sure your guests aren’t left wondering what “to do” or where to sit or spend their time when they are over for an evening in your outdoor living space.

3. Landscape Lighting

Last but certainly not least, we feel that adequate landscape lighting is one of the top three key elements of an ideal outdoor living space. Although the fun typically gets started before dark, you want your guests to be able to enjoy the evening once the sun goes down. Using outdoor lighting enhances those entertaining spaces we discussed that are key for your guests to feel “at home” in your outdoor living space. Depending on which structure you selected for shading and which entertaining spaces and design your home and outdoor living space possess, there are a variety of landscape lighting techniques. You don’t need a massive budget to get adequate lighting installed for your outdoor living space. Do some research on types of lighting and techniques and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have on getting the proper lighting system installed for your outdoor living space.

No matter how you put it, making some upgrades to get a functional outdoor living space for your home is a benefit. It might take an initial investment up front, but there are several reputable companies, including Prestige Outdoor Lighting, that stand ready to make recommendations on design and complete the install for you. If you’re ready to make the first steps on improving your outdoor living space, call us today at 910-754-5483.

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