Deterring Potential Home Intruders with Landscape Lighting

Deterring Potential Home Intruders with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting allows for the beautification of the home and surrounding landscape in the evening. It also makes spaces outside of your home more functional in the evening hours. But, many homeowners don’t realize the impact that landscape lighting can have in deterring crime and thieves from your property at night. A professional lighting designer doesn’t simply throw several floodlights around your front entrance and call it a day. Our professional landscape lighting team will strategically place lighting fixtures around your property to allow for smooth transitions as you navigate different spaces of the property.

Exterior Security Lighting Techniques

Securing the perimeter of your home is key in protecting it. Moonlighting or uplighting may be used to achieve this by placing these fixtures around your surrounding plants, trees, or fence. While the front door certainly needs illumination, so do any other entryways or doors to the home. Many homeowners have detached garages that can become a target if they do not have proper illumination. Lighting as your property changes from patio to grass, around pathways, and changes of elevation will be recommended by your professional lighting designer. If you are hoping to separate your security lighting from the illumination that you have for spaces where you entertain and relax, our team is happy to provide options of separate transformers and timers to accommodate these needs.

Security Lighting Mistakes

Professional landscape lighting designers have the training and education to know how to illuminate a space without causing light pollution or glares and reflections that will bother you and your neighbors. It’s an important element of security to be able to scan your property if you hear a noise in the night. Many DIYers find themselves blinded when they try and look outside after installing their own lights. The goal is to project the lighting between your windows and allow it to graze your home’s walls.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting takes pride in helping homeowners feel safe and secure. Our certifications in landscape lighting design, affiliation with the AOLP, and our 11+ years of experience in the industry qualify us to lead your home’s security lighting project. Give us a call at 910-754-5483 or just click here to get started today!

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