Driveway Lighting

Many homeowners in the Carolinas enjoy living in the county and their homes are tucked on a few acres of land. Often, these homes can be found off of gravel roads and have long and winding driveways. If this sounds like your property, you may want to consider driveway lighting. Have you ever pulled in at night and had to turn on your bright lights to clearly see the path in front of you? You might have received complains from family members already in the home about your car lights blinding them as you pull towards the home. Fears of hitting something on the property or even worse, someone, have you wondering what you can do to correct this hazard. Strategically placed outdoor lighting around your driveway can add security and safety as it guides you home after a long day.

Using Bollards For Lighting Driveways

Bollards are great to define the edges of a driveway. They can be alternated as the driveway turns and winds towards your home to provide adequate light without giving the appearance of an air strip landing. Bollards come in several styles and your landscape lighting designer can help you choose a design that compliments your existing architecture and outdoor living design.

Using Downlighting for Driveways

To compliment your bollard lights or to take a differing approach, you may utilize downlighting for your driveway. This is typically utilized for homeowners with beautiful trees that overhang around the driveways edges. This type of lighting feels more natural as it comes from overhead similar to moonlight. Mixing lighting sources can be a great way to achieve balance in your lighting design.

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