Effective Security Lighting for Your Home

You’ve purchased or built the home of your dreams and you want to protect it. Outdoor security lighting is certainly a smart investment and a great place to start with protecting your home. Our team of experts has a few recommendations after a decade of installing quality outdoor security lighting systems in the Carolinas.

Skip Motion Sensing Lights

When we have initial consults with potential customers, they often suggest that lighting with an emphasis on security is important to them to deter thieves. However, the opposite is actually true. Motion sensing lights are activated once someone is on property and potentially already doing damage. Lights that remain on are a much better alternative, leaving those with bad intentions deterred from committing a crime in a bright space for all to see.

Choosing Appropriate Spots to Illuminate

We may have illuminated your pool or your outdoor dining space. But, have you considered illumination of your home’s address? This is great for many reasons. Many of our client’s have beautiful stone work or a plaque around the numbers of their address so it is visually appealing to highlight. However, it actually is a great safety and security feature to illuminate. Ambulances and police are trained to look for these numbers. Not to mention, guests for the event you are hosting or even those making your weekly grocery or pizza delivery get appreciation from finding the numbers quickly.

Getting the Timing Right

We understand that many of our customers have specific times in mind that they would like for their lights to turn off for energy conservation purposes or even to keep their bills down. If you have an LED system, that should not be a major source for concern as they require low amounts of energy and last much longer than the previously used halogen alternatives. Be sure to consider leaving your lights on from the time the sun goes down until it rises again. Truthfully, if you are making additions to your landscape lighting system for the purpose of added security, dusk til dawn is the best timeline for leaving your property illuminated as unwanted visitors can come at any time, not just before midnight, or before 1 a.m.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting offers outdoor security lighting to Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilmington, NC areas. Our team of professionals have experience landscape lighting design and installation. We offer free consultations, timely installation and maintenance after your system is in place. To get started with your free consultation, just click here or give us a call at 910-754-5483.

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