Enhancing Your Deck and Patio Spaces with Landscape Lighting

Imagine cracking open a new bottle of wine and lounging in your favorite chair on your back patio after a long work week. It’s the perfect place to allow yourself to unwind or entertain at your own home. Adding a landscape lighting system to your home will make your space warm and inviting to all.

Stair Lighting

Depending on some of the features in your backyard, our team may recommend a different approach. Do you have steps or stairs? These are important to illuminate to help prevent accidents when it’s dark outside. LED tape lights over your railings and staircase are one option to achieve this. Seat wall lights are another option that allows space spaces to be illuminated without the bulbs being a distraction.

Patio Bistro String Lighting

Do you love the vibe of a small cafe in the evening as their bistro lights illuminate the patio area? You can replicate this vibe in your own home! String lights can add more depth to your space. They can be customized to your lifestyle soft and subtle for relaxing or brighter for parties and entertaining across a larger space.

Deck Lighting

The most typical form of deck lighting is usually fixtures that are installed on wooden deck posts. These fixtures can be installed higher up to have a more soft and natural effect. Often, lighting designers will alternate deck lights if there are posts on either side of the steps of the deck. Another advantage of using a professional for your outdoor lighting project is the ability to customize the color and finish of the fixture based on the finish of your deck.

There are various ways to illuminate the living spaces in your backyard. Prestige Outdoor Lighting would be happy to help you with a free consult for your Myrtle Beach or Wilmington area home or business. Just click here to give us a call at 910-754-5483!

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