Garden Lighting Tips for Beginners

The season for gardening is here! Many homeowners have been spending even more time than expected at their homes during this uncertain season. There’s no better place to escape than your own backyard. It’s no secret that gardening brings serenity and peace to many and outdoor lighting in your garden is the perfect solution to be able to enjoy your outdoor sanctuary and take in nature and blooming flowers even after the sun has set or to entertain your loved ones with a beautiful garden side dinner.

Best Plants for Garden Lights

When choosing plants that you would like to come to life not only during the day, but also in the evening when your landscape lighting is shining on them, look for plants with foliage that is a cool color such as white or silver. In the soft light in the evening, these flowers do not have to compete with the vibrant shades of reds, blues, and yellows that they do during the day. It’s also smart to include flowers that have bright foliage patterns and are night flowering.

Techniques for Garden Lighting

Downlighting is one common outdoor lighting technique used in gardens. Your lighting designer will find a tree or another tall structure and aim the lights shining down off of it into your garden. This will create a shadowing effect when the light catches the leaves and flowers that is similar when there is a full moon in the sky.

Another technique commonly used in gardens is path lighting. This is perfect for those whose garden is spread across your property on uneven or winding grounds. The fixtures will be placed on either side of the paths leading to, away from, and within your garden. There are a variety of fixture sizes and styles that will compliment your garden and home’s unique style.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting understands that your garden is your place of refuge, full of tranquility and serenity and a place that you enjoy retreating to after a long day. We have been working together with homeowners in the Myrtle Beach and Wilmington areas for over ten years designing outdoor living spaces that promote functionality and security. We would love to help you get started on your garden lighting project today. Give us a call at 910-754-5483.





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