Go with a Pro for Your Outdoor Lighting

DIY is the newest trend these days. For everything! We think it’s great that others are ready to improve their homes with their own efforts, really we do. However, when it comes to some things, we feel you should leave it to the professionals. The right professionals. With time, pool companies and landscapers have started adding outdoor lighting to their service lists. You should choose a professional company that specializes in outdoor lighting for your home or business needs and here’s why:

Timely and Professional Maintenance:


Remember when you had that new HVAC system installed or signed the agreement to have your termite inspection renewed annually? Just like any other household service or system, outdoor lighting needs to be maintained as well to keep up its excellent performance. We offer maintenance on our systems because its normal for some wear and tear to occur with disruption of wires for a variety of reasons on your property. Say you’re hosting the annual block party and your pool lights aren’t working. The season just started up so you don’t have much notice to have this corrected. The last thing you want to do is have to scroll through countless DIY videos on YouTube to try and get them operating correctly while juggling the guest list, catering, and decorating your space. Leave the outdoor lighting to the professionals who will get it done right the first time!

Expertise in Design


Our team is trained in outdoor lighting design and a member of AOLP. We know exactly which fixtures your home needs and where to install them to achieve the perfect combination of light and ambience. Many homeowners seek to enhance their favorite features of the architecture of their home. You should! You spend the most time at home and should take pride in ensuring that it is illuminated correctly for your enjoyment. If you try to install these lights yourself or go with a company who adds on outdoor lighting as just another service among many they offer, you may wind up with dark or uneven spots on your home.

We are ready to help you achieve the illumination you desire. Whether it’s just getting started with your home’s outdoor lighting design or maintenance on a preexisting system, Prestige Outdoor Lighting is ready to help!

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