How to Make Your Landscape Lighting Last as Long as Possible

We often see two types of potential customers, those who want outdoor lighting at the most affordable rate possible and installation completed as quickly as possible. They are not considering the overall design plan, maintenance on the lighting, how long the fixtures they are selecting will last, or any other bigger picture aspects of having a landscape lighting system. The other type of customer is interested in the highest quality product for their home, wants things done right the first time and would like to know how to keep their landscape lighting system lasting for years to come with minimal maintenance. We are happy to accommodate customers however we can, but Prestige Outdoor Lighting prides ourselves on completing the job the right way the first time, advising our customers of all of their options but recommending top-notch fixtures, and completing a timely and strategic installation so the homeowners are set up for success from the beginning with their landscape lighting system.

Fixture Selection

When creating an outdoor lighting system, your lighting designer will recommend fixtures that aesthetically blend well with the style of your home. However, a good landscape lighting company all also focuses on functionality when helping a customer make lighting fixture selections. Outdoor lighting fixtures need to be prepared to stand up to the weather, especially here in the Carolinas where we see heat, rain, wind, and at times even snow. Our area is famous for hurricane season. Your lights will need need to be durable and have a UL rating appropriate for outdoor use.

Wiring for Outdoor Lighting

Wiring for outdoor lighting can be especially tricky for those who have no experience working with outdoor lights before. Choosing a lighting designer that will ensure the wiring is done correctly the first time will save you a lot of future headaches with your system. An experienced lighting designer will make plans for your system to have each light receiving just how much electricity is needed with minimal splicing. Each time splicing occurs, there is an opportunity to water to enter your system and create damage over time. You also want a system that allows for growth over time. Years may pass by and you decide to add lighting to a new deck you just built. A quality landscape lighting designer takes into account these types of additions when planning the wiring for a landscape lighting system at the time of initial installation.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has over ten years of experience in designing and installing landscape lighting systems to homeowners in our Myrtle Beach and Wilmington area communities. We are prepared to deal with fixture selection, wiring, creating a quality design plan and installation so that homeowners only require the necessary maintenance on their system over the years. Click here to set up your free consult online for outdoor lighting. You can also check out our maintenance plan available to customers with existing outdoor lighting systems in place. If you’d prefer, give our office a call at 910-754-5483 to learn more!

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