Illuminating Your Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Spaces For Optimal Use

Do you have an upcoming dinner to host for a special occasion? There’s no better way to set the mood than the proper lighting. You can spend time on all the details of your furniture, menu, landscaping, or activities but without proper lighting, your fun will be cut short as the sun sets.

This is especially true as we inch closer towards Daylight Savings and losing hours of sunlight around dinnertime each evening. Incorporating landscape lighting in your outdoor living space, especially in the outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, helps ensure that your guests never feel rushed and you can safely cut that steak in front of you with full visibility.

There are a few techniques our team often suggests for illumination in the outdoor kitchen and dining spaces.

Recessed Lighting

Many homeowners have pergolas or structures providing shade to cover their patio or outdoor dining area. This provides an excellent place to install lights directly into the beams to shine to the spaces below. Recessed lighting is a great option to illuminate the grill or table space if you have a covered outdoor kitchen space.


Another common option for illuminating an outdoor kitchen space is downlights. These can be mounted in the trees or surrounding architectural features on your property. Downlights help create a soft glow resembling moonlight directly onto your dining space outdoors.

Under Counter Lighting

Do you have an island or bar in your outdoor living space? Utilizing LED under counting lights can help provide proper illumination by tracing the edges. Under counter lighting provides a functional sleek look for your outdoor kitchen.

Creating the right atmosphere for your outdoor dining space can be a challenge if you have no experience with landscape lighting. Allow our team of COLD and CLVLT certified professionals with a decade of experience to help with your home’s project.

If you are in the Wilmington NC or Myrtle Beach SC surrounding areas, give our team a call today at 910-754-5483 or just click here!

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