Important Elements of Landscape Lighting

It can be an intimidating choice to install a new landscape lighting system at your home. It’s important to consider the elements that will make the system functional for your home. Our lighting design team has over a decade of experience designing and installing landscape lighting systems for all sorts of homeowners across coastal Carolina. Our lighting designer will talk with you about your goals and the usage of your outdoor living space to help you determine how to best move forward on your landscape lighting project.

1. Safety

Our top concern when illuminating your home is safety! Not only will quality landscape lighting enhance your home’s curb appeal, it will help reduce falls on your property by adding adequate light to navigate pathways, decks, stairs, uneven ground, and more. Our team can help you select fixtures with brighter light that will cast over a larger area.

2. Quality of Fixtures

When you go to your local home improvement stores, you likely see a plethora of outdoor lighting fixture options. Not all fixtures are created equally and designing a DIY system with cheap fixtures from Lowes or Home Depot will likely cost you more in the long run with results that leave a lot to be desired aesthetically.

3. Temperature and Color of Lighting

The mood that you’re trying to achieve for your home can be greatly influenced by the brightness and the colors of your landscape lighting. Temperature isn’t just for the weather. In landscape lighting, the temperature is used to describe the light’s warmth. Measured in Kelvin, the lighting temperature is cooler as the temperature increases. Warmer lights are great for decorative use and cooler lights are perfect for illuminating spaces where you need more visibility to work, such as an outdoor kitchen.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has over a decade of experience in the landscape lighting industry. You can trust us to stand behind our products, design, and workmanship. To get started on your project today in the Wilmington or Myrtle Beach areas, click here!

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