Inspiration for Your Home’s Deck Lighting Project

In most custom-built homes, decks are far more than they used to be. Instead of a patio table, umbrella and a few chairs, you’ll likely find an entire outdoor living room off of a custom-built home. Floodlights on the side of your home are simply not enough to provide ample lighting for your cushioned outdoor sofas, fireplaces, water features, and even outdoor kitchens. To complete your perfect outdoor living space, you must consider the addition of outdoor lighting for your deck.


Moonlighting is a popular technique for deck lighting. Fixtures are secured in a higher location such as a tree above the deck. The light is aimed downward at the deck and simulates natural light from the moon. You may notice the patterns of the branches in the trees above you appearing on the deck as a result of the moonlighting technique used.

Step Lighting

Steps can be especially hazardous at night, causing trips and falls. These fixtures are designed to be tucked under the tread to improve visibility. Step lights are not only a safety precaution, they create a welcoming environment that leads to your deck.

Undercap Lighting

Undercap lighting is another common technique used for deck lighting. Undercap lights are popular as they do not create any glare as they are tucked under the bench or overhang of the deck.

If you’re interested in starting your deck lighting project, Prestige Outdoor Lighting would be happy to help you with design, installation, and maintenance on your system in the years to come. To get started with your free consult, just click here or call us at 910-754-5483.

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