Lighting Your Swimming Pool

You’ve decided you want outdoor lighting to prepare your pool for the summer. Where should you start? Allow the experts to guide your process! Quality outdoor lighting illuminates your pool area in a glow of LED light. This eliminates restrictions of time due to sunlight and allows you and your guests to enjoy a swim long beyond the sunset.

To start, consider illuminating your pool deck. You should be sure to have enough lighting to see the edge of the pool. However, you don’t want enough light to power a football stadium shining down on you and your guests for a late-night swim. Tall trees or structures above your pool can be used to achieve downlighting. Moonlighting is another great way to achieve this. Cooler lights posted in trees or along the side of your home and angled in differing directions create an ambience comparable to moonlight around your pool space.

Another feature to consider is stairs. Lighting the stairs to your pool is a common feature and one that we certainly recommend. Stairs without lighting leading into your pool are a safety hazard! There are options for lighting these stairs. Perhaps you would like to illuminate the railing to provide adequate lighting for the stairs. Maybe a strip of LED lights is your preference. Or, there is the possibility of placing fixtures to illuminate the stair below. We can help you make the right design choices for your outdoor space!

Depending on your home and your pool’s location, you may have bushes and trees surrounding your pool on your property. What better time to enjoy your landscaping than when you are spending quality time in your outdoor space by the pool? Don’t limit that to hours of sunlight. Illuminate your favorite oak tree or that bush that you’ve nagged the landscaper to get right ten times before. Whatever your lighting goals are, Prestige Outdoor Lighting is ready to achieve them for your space.

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