Making a List and Checking it Twice: Landscape Lighting Maintenance for the Winter

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice! You should too! As we enter the season for colder weather here in the coastal Carolinas, considering maintenance for your home is essential, both indoors and outdoors. We’re here to discuss how maintenance checks on your outdoor lighting system can make the difference in a system lasting for years to come.

Checking Your Outdoor Lighting System for Issues

Daylight savings time comes into play in the winter months. The hours of daylight and dusk vary greatly compared to your summer schedule. Making sure that your timer is adjusted properly and functioning correctly is key for adequate outdoor lighting. Next, you should be sure to take a look at your fixtures and bulbs. Dirt, debris, leaves, and critters can collect over time. This will prevent your lights from shining clear and bright as usual. Do you have any bulbs that are out or damaged? If so, you can call our team at 910-754-5483 for a repair.

Benefits and Details Behind a Professional Maintenance Plan

Don’t have the time to worry with maintaining your system? No worries- Prestige Outdoor Lighting has new maintenance plan options that take the burden and responsibility off the homeowner. Our semi-annual maintenance plan includes two visits per year. Our team clears lights of debris, removes ants and critters that have developed, weed eats around fixtures if needed, ensures proper height for plant growth, and ensures your timer is set correctly.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has a reputation of standing behind our work. To sign up for our maintenance plan just click here and fill out your contact information. You can also call our office at 910-754-5483 to discuss any maintenance needs or additions to your outdoor lighting system.

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