Myrtle Beach & Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Design: Making your security lighting actually ‘secure’ and beautifying your property in the process

When it comes to home security, almost everyone from the police departments say the one same thing- in order to deter crime effectively, the lighting in a home is amongst the most important factors. A home or any kind of property with good lighting ensures that the criminal has fewer places to hide and the chances of him being spotted increase significantly. This is likely to make him avoid going there- since no one wants to get caught, isn’t it? 

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By now, you must be wondering as to what ‘good lighting’ really means? One major factor is landscape design. Landscape design in Wilmington NC and landscape design in Myrtle Beach SC are two of our specialties. Our team knows good lighting means striking the right balance not over or under lighting. Think of it like this- if you have lights all around your house just like a prison, then you are over-lighting, even if it is a commercial property that you are talking about. Here, you may be tempted to ask- but what is wrong with over lighting, or having flood lights around my house?


Well, here is a list of some of the problems:

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  1. Generally, floodlights are controlled by a switch that is located in the home near the front door. This means that if the switch has been turned off, which is quite common, and then the lights will never really come on- thus serving no purpose at all.
  2. If you have floodlights paired together with motion sensors, turned off and on at a switch, then you will need to adjust and calibrate it accordingly so as to account for sensitivity as well as the time in order to make it work accordingly. Too much sensitivity will lead to the lights being triggered for every insect that crosses them. Now if that happens, then you may end up having burnt lamps.
  3. Flood lights that are on photo cells are more likely to be fused or burned out easily since these will stay on the entire night.
  4. With a properly functioning security lighting that is activated through motion sensors, you will have well-lit corners, with the rest of the property filled in darkness. Such areas are what would act as ideal hiding places for criminals. Additionally, once your neighbors are used to the lights coming on every time the friendly neighborhood cat goes by, they will probably stop paying too much attention to it.

Now all of this comes together to tell you one very obvious thing- your usual security lighting solutions are not really as effective as you thought them to be, isn’t it? So what can you do?

What your house and property need for discouraging the unwanted visitor from even coming near it is a balanced and even lighting solution around it. This is what you can accomplish by using path and are fixtures, that have been placed with some thought and planning. Doing so can include adding down some lighting on the trees and accent lights for the landscape surrounding the property. You should avoid installing too bright a lighting, and should be just enough for detecting any movement that takes place. As a rule, keep the lights stronger in areas where there are entrance to your home/building.

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This simple method is all you need to do evenly spread and illuminate the entire property, which will also take care of all the dark holes wherein any unwanted elements may be hiding. This is what will force them to go for a property that has no lighting, or one that has ‘security lighting’ of the kind we just told you about. Apart from being great for your security, a well-balanced spread of lighting is also what will make your property look beautiful and increase its value in the process- which no other lighting options for security can do.

Have you seen the Wilmington or Myrtle Beach lights at other homes in your area and want to achieve the same beauty and security? Call Prestige Outdoor Lighting today at 910-754-5483 as we are the top leader in landscape lighting in Wilmington NC, landscape lighting in Myrtle Beach, SC, landscape design Wilmington NC, as well as landscape design Myrtle Beach SC and Wilmington NC. A trusted member of the AOLP, our company handles outdoor lighting Wilmington NC and outdoor lighting Myrtle Beach SC projects and would be honored for your home to be our next project!

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