Myrtle Beach & Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Design: Why Choose an AOLP Member for your Landscape Lighting Project?

Myrtle Beach & Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Design: Why Choose an AOLP Member for your Landscape Lighting Project?

AOLP, or the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals, is the sole national not-for-profit trade association that is dedicated towards the outdoor lighting industry. AOLP is an association formed of men and women whose work and life is focused on outdoor lighting, or indirectly supports the industry.  The organization is what brings together not just contractors, but also manufacturers, designers and distributors for learning and discussing about the one thing that they all share.

The membership of AOLP creates an opportunity for one to contribute towards the goal of not just elevating the industry, but for also making it a better place for the consumer as well as the individual businesses in it. AOLP sets the strictest of standards for both installing and maintaining outdoor lighting systems, and every member has to abide by all these once he or she joins the organization. AOLP also has a training arm, which runs the Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician or the (CLVLT) program along with a requirement for renewal, apart from a 3-year program for the designers known as (COLD) or the Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer. These are the only nation-wide valid certifications, specifically made for the profession of outdoor lighting.

Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals

What benefits does a client gain from the presence of AOLP?
AOLP also works towards teaching the public regarding the importance of buying quality products, standards for safety, and also the hazards that a poorly installed/configured lighting system poses. One of the biggest benefits that a home or property owner can notice lies in the quality of materials, work and the kind of expertise that they will receive once they have hired an AOLP member for their outdoor lighting project.

The difference will be significant enough to be visible from the first meeting itself, and will last as long as several maintenance projects as well.  It is not a new thing to come across clients who have been paying significant sums of money for nothing better than sub-standard equipment and lighting systems that are poorly installed, guaranteed to fail in a short period. This is when it comes to an AOLP professional to break the bad news to the client- not only is the existing system bad, but its condition is such that there is no other way to solve the troubles that are there except replacement of the entire system. This is when a client ends up paying for a high-quality system, but after also paying for a cheap system first.

All of this could have been avoided by doing nothing more than an AOLP member. It would have saved the client a lot of money, time and the extra aggravation.

What benefit does the contractor gain from AOLP?
AOLP’s primary objective is the education of its members and the setting of standards to be followed by the entire outdoor lighting industry. This education is what places an AOLP contractor way ahead of the crowd in terms of having knowledge about the most efficient and safest of installation mechanisms. AOLP, with the latest of news and product reviews at its fingertips, also provides members with information ranging from what is new and working in the product and technology sphere to updated regulations and codes, along with expert reports on every light facet and its significance.

A contractor who genuinely wishes to invest in a career as a specialist in outdoor lighting will take out the time to study and certify his/her efforts. Continuous education in the field is essential for making the certification stay valid as time passes, and this ensures that the contractor is informed and knowledgeable at all times. Apart from this, AOLP understands the needs of contractors as business people, and provides them guidance and advise to help manage and conduct their companies in an efficient and profitable way.

Over the years, I and many other contractors have been encouraged to become AOLP members and earn certifications.
This raises the bar of standards, quality and work in the area. I, as a contractor, cannot compete in terms of price with a contractor who is least bothered about the product quality that he is using, or the safety regulations or maintenance requirements of the lighting systems that he installs. No matter what efforts we may take, chances are that cheap products will always have a market- and thus, an unscrupulous contractor may continue to survive, of which I will never be a part. When I compete with a fellow AOLP member, we will both be able to promote our skills, knowledge and business practices, and thus set us apart from the other competitors in the area. This is what we will call as a win-win situation for both the client and our industry as a whole.

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