Myths About Landscape Lighting Using LEDs

In the last several years, LED fixtures have become incredibly popular for landscape lighting amongst both contractors and consumers. Prestige Outdoor Lighting has installed outdoor lighting using LED lights for hundreds of homes across the Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC areas. There are still some customers who are initially hesitant about having LED landscape lighting systems installed and we’ve found it’s most commonly due to a myth they’ve heard!

MYTH: LED Lights are Always a Blue or White Color

People who have heard that LEDs only come in one color or temperature and that it is a monotonous bluish-white are not totally incorrect. This was indeed the case in the earliest days of LED lighting when they were first introduced. However, this was years ago. In today’s time, there are many high quality color options on the market. A lot of our customers select a pure white or off white color for their desired lighting temperature. Whatever, your desire for your outdoor lighting system temperature, Prestige Outdoor Lighting has options to fit your taste.

MYTH: Lighting With LEDs Is Expensive

Homeowners considering landscape lighting installation should contemplate the time they plan to spend in their home and the amount of maintenance and replacing they want to have to deal with in their system. LED lights can be more expensive than previously used alternatives upfront but they provide quality and endurance that far outweighs the cost. Not to mention, changing out an outdated landscape lighting system to one with LED lights will pay off in just a few years in saved energy costs alone.

Many homeowners hear myths from others who have had a negative experience and generalize that to their situation. Don’t allow myths that you may have heard about landscape lights to deter you from considering a high quality landscape lighting system. If you have questions or would like help debunking some common myths you may have heard, Prestige Outdoor Lighting would be happy to answer them and set the record straight to get you on the path to your own high quality landscape lighting system. To get started, give us a call at 910-754-5483.

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