Oak Tree Lighting in the Southeast

Many people think of Savannah, Georgia or Charleston, South Carolina when they hear about majestic trees. The truth is, we have several gorgeous oak trees all over the Carolinas. Prestige Outdoor Lighting was honored to illuminate several of these oak trees in a recent project at Wachesaw Plantation.

The difference in driving by these oak trees at night is phenomenal now that there is adequate landscape lighting in place. You may know that there are different types of trees, oak to name one. But, did you know that there are a variety of oak trees and ways to illuminate those as well?

Live oak trees, such as those in the video linked above, have a very wide canopy with open areas. These types of trees can take several fixtures to properly illuminate. Other types of oak trees, such as white oaks, can require much fewer fixtures because of this reason. Another difference in oak trees that you may or may not have already known about is the color of their leaves. Live oak trees are evergreen. This is not the case for all oak trees. Red oaks are deciduous trees that are more narrow than their counterparts and have leaves with a variety of hues in the Autumn season.

There are several factors to consider when illuminating oak trees on your property. One factor you want to consider first is the size of the tree. Obviously, small trees do not need as many fixtures as a larger tree. One factor that is often forgotten lies beneath the color of the leaves, the bark of the tree. This, like many factors, can vary based on the type of oak tree. If a tree has a very dark colored bark, you will want to use more intense lights than for its counterpart with light colored tree bark. The location of the tree is another key factor to consider when lighting. Is uplighting or downlighting more ideal based on other structures surrounding the tree and other types of outdoor lighting being utilized in your property?

Wherever you are in the process of illuminating your oak trees, Prestige Outdoor Lighting stands prepared to help and make recommendations. Our team has expertise in landscape lighting design and will take factors like location, bark color, tree type, and the overall design of your property’s landscape lighting system into consider to create the perfect plan for your oak trees. Give us a call today at 910-754-5483 to get started!

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