Outdoor Lighting for Your Vacation Home

Lighting Your Vacation Home

Is your coastal Carolina property a second home, vacation home, or maybe you like to call it your “home away from home?” Many of our clients along the coastline enjoy their beach homes on a partial basis. They work in the city and travel here to the coast as much as possible for holidays, summers, and special occasions. Often, their coastal home is where they hope to retire. These homeowners at times worry even more about the security of their beach house than one whose primary residence is here. Why is that? Often, a second home is more difficult to check on. Homeowners can’t just drive by every night to check on the status of the home. Obviously a good security system is a great way to get peace of mind about this. But, how else can you protect your vacation home while are you away? The answer is simple, a quality landscape lighting system!

Proper Security Lighting

The easy way out is to complete a DIY install on a few flood lights for the driveway and call it a day. Honestly, that’s not going to complete the job. If you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home, don’t skip out on the outdoor lighting. Your home needs to be secure from all angles, including any side entrances, detached garages, and the back of the property. We’re not insinuating that everything has to be illuminated but you do want your property well lit to deter thieves and burglars. A professional lighting designer is experienced in designing and installing lights in a way that compliments the home and meets the goals of the homeowner.

Outdoor Lighting for Rental Properties

If you are renting your home in the summer to vacationers on the coast, outdoor lighting is a great way to increase your bookings! Couples, families, and wedding parties will appreciate the added security in an area they are unfamiliar with. Vacationers are often looking to spend as much time in the outdoor living space as possible. This means that outdoor lighting would allow them to enjoy time by the pool or grilling out long after the sun goes down. No one wants to deal with accidents on their property from renters. Help avoid accidents from guests tripping on your path or stairs heading back into the home by installing an outdoor lighting system.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting is experienced in working with vacation homeowners to create a quality landscape lighting system. We work with clients in several surrounding beach towns including Carolina Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Southport, Murrels Inlet, Wilmington, Hampstead, Oak Island, Shallotte, and more! To get started, just click here or give us a call at 910-754-5483.

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