Safety and Landscape Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are several benefits. One that many typically forget about is the safety and security that illuminating your property provides. Design experience is required to compose the perfect lighting system with a combination of aesthetics, security and safety.


Stairs are a common tripping hazard at night. Ever invite a family member or friend over for dinner and they tripped over that last stair before even making it into your home? How embarrassing and unfortunate! Prestige Outdoor Lighting highly recommends properly lighting your stairs when we are on property so that you don’t find yourself trying to memorize the number of steps on the way up or down.

An entrance is another hazard that comes to mind if not illuminated. Imagine you are dropping something off for an old friend. You arrive to their home and find yourself standing in the complete darkness on a cold dreary night. You hear something rustling and you don’t have a flashlight on hand. You find yourself wishing for any shred of light! Everyone has heard the old saying that “a thief comes in the night”. That is simply because of the lack of lighting! Illuminate your entrance not only to highlight the home’s beauty but also for added protection against theft!


Weather in the southeastern United States along the coastline can be unpredictable at times. This brings to mind pathway lighting. Mulch, rocks, sticks, and branches easily find themselves on pathways after a storm or a windy spell. Perhaps you have hills or an uneven walkway on your property. You need landscape lighting! Illuminate your paths to prevent tripping hazards and to provide a clear walkway to guide others along your property.

If you have questions on how Prestige Outdoor Lighting could help increase the security of your home with customized landscape lighting, give us a call at 910-754-5483 or click here.

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