Safety Lighting


Much more than the illumination of a property.

Design experience is required to compose the perfect lighting system with a combination of aesthetics, security and safety. Understanding how to combine the practical with the aesthetic components requires years of training and experience. Though a beautifully lit landscape and home is essential for curb appeal, many people overlook the importance of landscape lighting for safety and security.

How can lighting help with Security?

We design landscape lighting systems that will discourage invaders and burglars from entering your property. By applying various lighting techniques, we are able to select the proper placement and direction of the fixtures to ensure that if anyone should come near your property they are easily seen.

How can lighting help with Safety?

Safety landscape lighting focuses on giving you, your family and guests safe passage throughout the property, ensuring that all obstacles are lit and easily seen. The use of path lights and pool lights is a common application for safety lighting. Prestige Outdoor Lighting can pinpoint such hazardous locations and determine what kind of lighting is ideal to ensure that you can see clearly.