Security Lighting to Protect Your Home this Winter

Is protecting your home and your investments top of mind this holiday season? Many homeowners have increasing concerns and find themselves taking a look at the security measures they have in place around the holidays. Why is this? According to Patch, property crimes are down in the winter months but thieves are opportunists during the holidays. Keep your home safe!

Reasons Thieves May Target Your Home

Thieves may target your home due to its location. If you know that you live in a neighborhood where car break-ins are prominent in the holiday season, you should be taking extra measures for security prevention. Is your property well lit? Many individuals assume all crime happens in neighborhoods. However, if you have a secluded home on a piece of property tucked in the county without much lighting, it may be a target for thieves when you are away for work or leisure. Do you have security in place? If so, do you have signs displayed in the yard? Even if you choose not to use a company with monitored monthly security such as ADT, there are a variety of DIY options such as Ring or Nest that you can incorporate at your home. Seeing a camera is a major deterrent for thieves or those up to no good.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Here at Prestige Outdoor Lighting, we pride ourselves on providing professionally designed and installed outdoor security lighting. Don’t worry, the lighting isn’t something that you would imagine from a Mission Impossible movie with motion sensors and lights and alarms going off constantly. The goal is to provide adequate lighting with focus on areas of concern. These may be doors or entries, or even additional lighting around a separate garage that you want well protected. A professional lighting designer will be able to come and walk your property with you to identify areas of concern as well as architectural features you would like to illuminate.

To get started with your outdoor lighting today, give us a call at 910-754-5483!

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