Selling Your Home Quickly With Outdoor Lighting

Putting your home on the market can be an incredibly frustrating experience! Maybe you’ve had it on the market for months now with no offers. You don’t understand why! You’ve replaced the roof, new carpet, the outside has been pressure washed. What is missing? One excellent feature on your home that you haven’t thought of is landscape lighting. Make all of those expensive upgrades that you’ve spent your money on stand out  in the evening hours when potential buyers are passing by your home after they get off work.

How To Get Started On Landscape Lighting Installation

The first step on getting started with your outdoor lighting project is finding a reputable company that specializes in landscape lighting. You don’t want to use this as an opportunity for a DIY project without the help of a professional design plan and the proper fixtures. Such a company can help you get the installation in quickly and provide help if there is ever a need for replacing or repairing your lighting system. Prestige Outdoor Lighting would be happy to help with these needs if you are in southeastern North Carolina or northeastern South Carolina. We go to potential customer’s homes and sit down to discuss their goals for their property, how they want to enhance it and what their budget is. Using this information, we can provide them with a custom plan for a landscape lighting system for their home. If the customer isn’t sure how certain lighting features may look on their home or what their preference is, we have options to provide a lighting demonstration on your home as well to show you the different lighting options on your own property before you make any commitment to purchase! Next, a professional crew will come out and complete your installation. That’s it! No worries for you. We know the last thing you need on your plate is another thing to do when selling a home is stressful enough!

How Landscape Lighting Can Help You Find a Buyer For Your Home

There are a few reasons that landscape lighting could be that extra feature that sets your home apart from the rest on the market. First, it illuminates all the right areas of your home, showing off your favorite architectural features. Have a swimming pool? We can light that. A dock? Check. What about the front entrance of your home? We’ve got that covered. If you are doing an evening tour of the property, you want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves enjoying that time on the back patio, not stumbling through the dark with no image of how they could use the space. Another reason that landscape lighting could help you sell your home is because it provides safety. Fallen tree limbs and uneven paths may be a cause for concern to buy for some. If you can illuminate the entire property, it reduces the chances of those types of accidents. The last thing you want is for a buyer to literally stumble their way into your home for a showing. Finally, landscape lighting can provide security from theft. Maybe you live on four acres in the county and a potential buyer loves the privacy but wonders how anyone would see a theft in the night here. Illuminating your property with landscape lighting reduces the chances of a burglar making any attempts on threatening the home.

Don’t stay in the dark, we can light up your home to sell it FAST, increasing the curb appeal by providing potential buyers a sense of security, architectural appeal, and safety. Click here to start on your landscape lighting project today!

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