Should I Repair or Replace my Landscape Lighting?

Do you remember the first day you bought your new car? It was sparkly, shiny, the interior smelled nice, and you couldn’t wait to show it off to your best friends. As a homeowner, you probably got a similar feeling when your new landscape lighting system was installed. The first night you remember the warm glow that welcomed you home, illuminating your path inside and all your favorite trees around the yard. But, it’s been several years and you let other things become priority over maintaining your landscape lighting system. You have several fixtures that you know are broken and you can’t put your finger on exactly what, but something seems off with the way the lighting comes together now at night.


Broken Fixtures

One way to know if it’s time to give your landscape lighting contractor a call is if your fixtures are in shambles. If your landscaping crew knocked your fixture while doing your weekly lawn maintenance, there’s a good chance they can be fixed depending on the types of materials used to craft them. If you picked up your fixtures from the clearance section at your local home improvement store there’s a good chance they’re made of plastic or aluminum and will need to be replaced considering the lack of protection between the outdoor elements and the light itself. If you started with brass or copper, you may have something worth repair.

Connection and Transformer Issues

Connections are a frequent source of issue for our customers who call us out for maintenance. Their lights are going on and off. If corrosion has occurred within your connectors you will need replacement, not repair. If you have a landscape lighting system you are likely very familiar with the location of your transformer. You may know the basics but suddenly it’s not working. There are a couple of scenarios. You could just have a connection that came lose and needs too be tightened up, an easy fix. But, it’s possible that shorts have occurred and melted through connections on your transformer. This is nothing to play around with and your landscape lighting designer will recommend a replacement for your safety and convenience. Just a tip- ask your landscape lighting professional to take a look at your transformer if they are out for annual maintenance or repairing a fixture. You could save yourself some big bucks down the road by being preventative!

Prevention For Your System

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has been installing and repairing landscape lighting systems in the Carolinas for a decade now and we regularly connect with our customers for maintenance. One thing that we are advocate for is prevention before repair is needed. Don’t allow issues to sit around and get worse. If you spy a broken fixture or suspect something may be off with your connectors or transformer, give us a call immediately and we will do our best to resolve the issue in a timely manner with the goal of finding the best and most affordable solution for your needs. Give us a call today at 910-754-5483!

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