Should You Sacrifice Landscape Design for Outdoor Audio Performance?

The answer is no! If you’re a self proclaimed audiophile or even if you just purchased your first set of dedicated speakers your home, you know they are priceless if you value sound for your music and entertainment. Many of our customers have already taken the initial step in investing in quality audio for the inside of their home. Whether it be a in one room or throughout the home, a surround sound system or just a stereo, quality audio will change the way you and your loved ones enjoy their music.

Hidden Landscape Speakers

But what about outside? If you spend a great deal of your time relaxing or entertaining outdoors, outdoor audio is a must have to continue the quality audio sound as you maneuver between spaces. However, we often have customers that express hesitation in making this investment. Why? It’s simple! They fear that their landscape design will suffer. This often comes from a negative past experience or DIY project they may have heard about from a friend. Prestige Outdoor Lighting works with top brands such as Speakercraft to bring our customers high quality outdoor audio options with specific lines for landscape speakers. These can be hidden in a planter or even disguised as part of the landscape itself being shaped like a rock.

Utilizing a Professional for Design and Installation

Using a professional for outdoor audio installation is imperative to be sure that the sound is high quality and the system is long lasting. Working with Prestige Outdoor Lighting ensures a team of dedicated professionals for your project. As a customer, you have the ability to come in and demo the sound before making a commitment to purchased. Our designer will walk the space or use pictures you provide before sending our team of installers out to complete the install. We are happy to answer any of our customers questions before, during and after the project. We work with high quality materials that are graded to withstand the weather you will experience in the Carolinas from heat, rain, winds, and even snow! The best part? We also offer maintenance and repair work!

Our team has been working in the outdoor living space in the coastal Carolinas for the last decade. If you are interested in a quote for your outdoor audio or outdoor lighting system, just click here to get started or give us a call at 910-754-5483.

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