Spring Maintenance on your Landscape Lighting System

Spring Maintenance on your Landscape Lighting System

As winter comes to a close, Spring maintenance on your landscape lighting system can help it last for years to come. Your landscape lighting provided ample visibility and security throughout the winter. Be sure it is fully functional to help provide added enjoyment from your outdoor living space as the season for outdoor living arrives. At Prestige Outdoor Lighting, we have a semi-annual maintenance plan that allows our team to handle all maintenance for you so that you can carry on with life without your landscape lighting system missing a beat. Perhaps you’re wondering what is done during the maintenance of a landscape lighting system?

Assessment for Damage in the Winter Season

It’s no secret that we saw a bit of snow and ice this winter here in the coastal Carolinas. Now that the ground has thawed, it’s time to assess for any damage that could have occurred during snow or ice removal. It’s important to check for any cracked lenses or bent fixtures. Cleaning the fixtures is another measure that helps prevent your lights from dimming. Roots to your plants and bushes can grow up underneath your lighting fixtures and push your fixtures. Realign and secure your lighting fixtures before the Spring season arrives. At times, homeowners have done some edging before having their Spring landscape lighting maintenance done and notice issues with their lights not working properly. Wire cuts can be a cause for this and are another reason to exercise caution around your lighting fixtures when gardening, mowing, and landscaping.

Landscape Lighting Timer

The added light Spring brings in the afternoon is a welcome adjustment for many with more time to spend basking in the sun after a long day. Analog landscape lighting timers will need to be reset to account for the changes in the daylight due to the seasons changing. Allow our team at Prestige Outdoor Lighting to keep your landscape lighting system at peak performance. Click here to get started!


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