Successful Holiday Lighting For Your Home

At Prestige Outdoor Lighting, we handle.a variety of holiday lighting projects annually including several large commercial projects. We have also completed home lighting projects and often have customers reach out seeking tips as they are planning on completing an installation themselves this year. We have compiled a list of tips of things you do and don’t want to do when installing your Christmas lights this year.

Things To Do: Holiday Lighting

When installing holiday lighting, be sure to consult a professional or do your research when it comes to your design plan. Don’t just throw the lights up and consider it a job well done! Do be sure to purchase more lights than you first measure you will need. It’s inevitable that you’ll find something else to illuminate or will find that you first measured yourself too short on supplies. It’s better to be overly prepared than under prepared! Do make replacements when bulbs burn out. Trust me, if you’re noticing, the Jones’ next door will notice too if you have a few burnt out lights! Do set up your lights on a timer! You might be excited to manually turn things on the first few nights of the season but there will be some hustle and bustle later on in the holiday season. You don’t want your lights to go forgotten after all the work you put in installing. Our last tip of things to do: check the UL light rating on the Christmas lights you are purchasing. This will ensure that you are using lights inside that are meant to be inside and outdoor rated lights that will be strung outside and exposed to the elements such as rain and snow.

Things NOT To Do: Holiday Lighting

If the lighting you have ordered comes with extra fuses or bulbs, don’t throw them away! We understand, you can’t keep every accessory that comes with the holiday decor you purchase but these will be important later on and you’ll be glad you saved yourself time and money by keeping them. Next tip, don’t overload your circuit breaker. Be sure to take a look at maximum number of connections recommended for your lights and be sure that number falls under the maximum abilities of your circuit breaker. Lastly, don’t purchase cheap lighting on clearance from your local home store. There are some great providers you can purchase from that have quality lights that will last you for years to come!

Prestige Outdoor Lighting takes pride in providing businesses and homeowners with holiday lighting design and installation during the Fall and Winter months of the year. If you could use some help with your next holiday lighting display, reach out to us as 910-754-5483 to get started today!

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