The Benefits of Investing in Quality Landscape Lighting

Bringing added value to a customer’s outdoor living space is our greatest goal in designing and installing custom landscape lighting systems. Like with any project with your home, choosing landscape lighting comes with a price tag. We see this as an investment into your own peace of mind and comfort for years to come at your home. At Prestige Outdoor Lighting, we choose high-quality materials from trusted vendors coupled with our team’s 10+ years of experience installing landscape lighting in Wilmington NC, and Myrtle Beach SC.

Professional Design

Many homeowners express the desire to try and save money on their landscape lighting project and interview landscapers or handymen to install a landscape lighting system. The problem with this option is that they do not specialize in lighting. They may complete a handful of lighting systems in a year. Trained and certified landscape lighting designers typically work for companies that specialize in landscape lighting design. This is the primary job that they complete and your unique property, goals, or any mishaps they may encounter will not deter them from successfully installing a professional landscape lighting system.

Partnerships With Established Vendors

Professional landscape lighting contractors work with vendors who use industry-leading fixtures. Often because they place larger orders more frequently, professional landscape lighting companies are able to get better pricing on your materials. They also know which companies are reliable, how their shipping processes work and are familiar with the manufacturer warranty on these fixtures. As a full-service lighting company, Prestige Outdoor Lighting also handles landscape lighting maintenance. We are familiar with which lighting fixtures will be likely to outlast weather and the test of time.

Make an investment by hiring a company that specializes in landscape lighting, is fully certified, and has been a recognized business in our community for the last decade. Call Prestige Outdoor Lighting for your free home consult at 910-754-5483 or click here!

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