The Importance of Reviews for Small Businesses

How frequently do you leave a leave when you’ve had a positive or negative experience? Do you feel like they are actually “heard” or responded to? The power of a review is greater than you think. Search agency BrightLocal reports that 88% of consumers state they trust an online review as much as that of a personal recommendation from a friend. According to Testimonial Engine, 72% of consumers do not take action until they have read a company’s reviews. In today’s time, we don’t blame them! The Internet is an ever evolving tool with a wealth of knowledge on business options and testimonials from customers.

When to Leave a Review

When should I leave a review? The answer may be different for everyone. Some consumers feel strongly in sharing every purchase or experience they have with others. On the other hand, some consumers want to leave a review when they are especially impressed or disappointed with a company or their product. We suggest you only leave a negative review if you have already tried to reach out to the company to let them know that your experience or product was unsatisfactory. If the situation has not been rectified or addressed at that point, it is an appropriate time to leave a review warning other customer’s and sharing your experience. Leaving a positive review should occur whenever you receive a product that is just what you expected, when you receive a great deal, or when you have excellent customer service. The best thanks you can give to a company beyond being a loyal customer is to leave them a review online for others to see.

Where to Leave a Review

There are many options on where to leave a review. At times, companies will focus on a particular platform that they would like to improve their reviews. Many small business owners will include a line in their email or invoice to you requesting you to share a review on your experience and will have a link on where to review. In that case, the best place to share your review would be through that link of their preferred platform. If this is not the case, Google is a great place to leave a review for a company. Google reviews are especially helpful as most searches for a business begin on Google. Google reviews also improve a companies SEO so that they show up closer to the top of search engine results when a consumer is searching for a business that offers their services. Leaving a Google review is simple. Just type the company name and then click “Write a Review”. If you are already signed into your Gmail the process should only take a matter of seconds. Other platforms where you may desire to leave a review include Facebook, Houzz, Yelp, and more!

Prestige Outdoor Lighting appreciated all of our customers! They become like family as we get to know the desires for their home, complete the install, and even come back for maintenance over the years. We strive to provide excellent customer service and take pride that most of our reviews reflect that. We are so thankful to our customers who have left reviews on multiple platforms regarding their landscape lighting projects. If you’re a prior customer of ours, feel free to leave us a review here. If you are interested in discussing an outdoor lighting or outdoor audio project, click here to schedule your free consult today!

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