The Prestige Process

We’re often asked by potential or new customers “How Can We Get Started?” “How Do You Typically Do This?” or “What’s Your Process?” We have nothing to hide here at Prestige Outdoor Lighting so we thought we would “put our process out there” to clear up any confusion for our potential customers.

Your first step will be meeting with your lighting designer to get started. You will be asked a series of questions so you will want to come to the meeting prepared with a list of your own expectations and goals as well as any specifics you want your lighting designer aware of from the start. There’s no need in stressing this initial consult or going out of your way to do initial homework. We simply ask that you ask yourself what you would like to achieve and communicate that with us. We can guide you from there!

After you have agreed upon the details of your landscape lighting system with your lighting designer and we have received your signed contract, we will send out a deposit request. You can expect 50% to be paid upfront. Once your deposit is received, our team will call in the locator, ensure that any necessary supplies are ordered and we will get you on the schedule. Depending on the season you could be looking at a matter of days or a few weeks before your install is completed. Be sure to allow for plenty of time for your consult and install before any special events or deadlines.

When your agreed upon install date arrives, our crews will arrive to your home and begin the process of opening trenches on your property and setting lights in their place. The install timeline depends on the size of your property and number of lights you are having installed. Once our crews are finished we will close back your trenches and clean up your property on the site. We realize that our “job sites” are your home and we do our best to treat them with respect so that the only remnants when we leave are your beautiful new lighting system for you to enjoy.

Upon completion of our install, you will hear from your lighting designer or our office to ensure your satisfaction and be sure that your goals and expectations were met. This is an excellent opportunity for you to leave us a review to let others know how we did on your project! You will receive your final invoice including any remaining balance as well as information on what to expect from your lighting system and warranty information.

We have been servicing Myrtle Beach and Wilmington areas for a decade now! For any issues that may arise or maintenance needed, our team is happy to assist with. What are you waiting on? Let’s get YOUR process started. Give us a call at 910-754-5483 or click here to have a member of our team reach out.

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