The Risks You Take By Hiring The Cheapest Contractor for Your Landscape Lighting Job

The Risks You Take By Hiring The Cheapest Contractor for Your Landscape Lighting Job

We’ve all done it before. You’re ready for a home improvement project and decide you’re going to tackle it on your own. Six months later you still haven’t made a dent in the project so you’ve decided it’s time to call some local businesses and get quotes for your project. It may be tempting to go with the lowest bidder if you previously considered DIYing your landscape lighting project but we highly recommend you look further into who you’re trusting with illuminating your home. We’ve seen cheap projects installed by contractors who don’t really specialize in landscape lighting that have ended in disaster countless times.

1. Paying To Get The Job Done Twice

There’s nothing worse than going with the cheapest person just to find out that they didn’t do quality work and your lighting system didn’t turn out how you originally anticipated. If you go with the lowest bidder they are likely not using quality materials and may not have the knowledge and industry certifications of a professional landscape lighting designer.

2. No One To Call When You Have a Problem

Be sure you’re not hiring a company without checking out some of their reviews and seeing how long they’ve been working in the area. Is this person affordable because they’re just starting out? There’s nothing wrong with that. But you’ll want to do a deeper dive on their qualifications, materials, and knowledge before choosing to hire them for your home’s project. When you’re just trying to get the project done, you may not be thinking about potential issues or maintenance needs you’ll have later on. Hiring a professional landscape lighting company could save you a lot of money later down the road as they are liking using fixtures that come with a warranty and may offer maintenance plans to help you keep your lighting bright and beautiful for years to come.

3. Disrupting Your Existing Landscape

Many homeowners that come to us for landscape lighting take pride in their existing landscape and are looking to further enhance it by showing off their space in the evening hours. Choosing the cheapest contractor available may result in exposed wiring and installation that disrupts your existing landscape. A professional landscape lighting company would offer you a no trace installation. This means that the lighting fixtures and wires would be hidden or blend with your existing landscape to help maintain and enhance its beauty.

Perhaps now you’re wondering, what should I look for when hiring a landscape lighting company? First seek certification. Asking if their team has CLVLT and COLD certifications is a great place to start. Being sure that the company offers maintenance options and is fully aware of the warranties on their product is another sign of a reputable landscape lighting company. Pay attention to the service you receive from the first interaction. Is the staff prompt and friendly? This could be a key indicator of how you’ll be treated in the middle of the project and beyond. Last, check out their reviews. Google and Facebook reviews are a great way to see if previous customers have been satisfied with a company’s work over time.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has spent over a decade specializing in custom landscape lighting systems for Myrtle Beach and Wilmington areas. We offer warranties, maintenance plans, and our staff is fully certified to professionally design your landscape lighting system. Our reputation in the community is long-standing and we take pride in helping our customers achieve their goals for their home’s outdoor living space. If you’re ready to get started on your project, give us a call today at 910-754-5483 or just click here.

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