Tips for Illuminating Your Front Entry

Entry lighting is the ideal solution to increase security and improve the curb appeal of your home. All eyes go to the entry of a home when passing by. That could include the eyes of your family members coming to visit, potential buyers if your home is on the market, or even unwanted eyes, such as thieves trying to plot points of entry for the home. These are all excellent reasons to consider illuminating your front entry, both for appeal and to increase your safety. Knowing where to place the lights and how to make them aesthetically pleasing to achieve these goals can seem overwhelming to someone with minimal knowledge about landscape lighting. This is why its best to do some research and gain basic knowledge on the type of landscape lighting you are going to consider for your home, as well as hiring a professional company that specializes in landscape lighting to handle the design and installation.

Fixture Selection

Homeowners have different approaches when it comes to their ideas of fixtures for their entry lighting. Some prefer for the fixtures to blend into the existing architecture and landscape. They express a desire for the light to be the focus, not the source in which it is coming from. Other homeowners may express an interest in fixtures that catch the eye and enhance the appeal surrounding their front door. For these customers, sconces may be used for lighting. It’s important to be sure that the light source is concealed when placed around the front entry due to the possibility of glare.

Amount of Light

At Prestige Outdoor Lighting, we truly believe that every light can make a difference. We work with homeowners frequently who express a desire to complete their project in stages. If you have a large home with various spaces for entertainment, or if you want expansive security lighting to cover not only your entry but also the perimeter of your home, we are willing to work with you in stages and help prioritize your lighting according to your needs. However, security lighting is more than just shining a single light upon your entry. Our team will work with you to illuminate your entry and tie into other outdoor lighting or features in your outdoor living space for a cohesive and functional landscape lighting system.

Increasing Security

The front door is a huge point of entry for your home. It’s also one of the first features that a criminal will notice if they are scoping out your home from the road. You don’t want to hide your entry for these reasons. In fact, the opposite approach should be taken. Illuminating your front entry sends the message that someone is home and you are very aware of what is happening on your property. Not to mention, entry lighting is an excellent way to improve the safety of your family and friends as they navigate the steps of your home to get inside or return to their car.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting would love the opportunity to help you illuminate your front entry. We have experience in landscape lighting that spans over ten years. To get your quote, just click here or call 910-754-5483 to get started!

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