Top Home Exterior Lighting Techniques

Different individuals have different images that come to mind when planning for how they want to illuminate the outside of their home. For example, many of our customers think of romantic lighting to set a mood. Or, you may want a city vibe for your home that illuminates with bright light. If you’re looking for our top tips to light the exterior of your home, keep reading!


Purposes for Exterior Home Lighting

There are several purposes for outdoor lighting. When designing your plans for your home’s exterior lighting, you will first want to sit down and gather your top goals behind adding exterior lighting to your property. This will help your professional lighting designer create a design that will serve your family’s needs for years to come. The following are some of the top goals for homeowners:

1. Security
2. Making Spaces Usable at Night
3. Highlighting Particular Architectural Features

Identifying what is most important to you will help your professional lighting designer create a design that will serve your family’s needs for years to come.

Lighting Using Layers

Many homeowners are interested in lighting that creates texture and appeal to their home that can be achieved with a variety of methods. You may want to consider soffit lights or downlighting. These lights may be installed in trees or from higher points of your home. Bullet lights are installed at ground level. Bullet lights will shoot the lights in a very particular direction and angle, perfect if your primary goal was number three, highlighting particular architectural features! Well lights are another alternative that create a combination of lights and shadows and are installed in the ground.

Wash and Wall Lighting

In order to focus on the specifics of your home’s lighting goals, you should first have a base which can be accomplished with wash or wall lighting. Soft white light at wide angels are used to achieve this look. Think of wash lighting as the paper or canvas to start your masterpiece and the layers of light as the different strokes of paint applied once you have your materials in place.

Whatever your goals may be for lighting your home, Prestige Outdoor Lighting stands ready to assist in illuminating your home. Our team of professionals can help from beginning to end, explaining which techniques would work best for your goals and your specific property, creating a design plan you approve of, and completing the installation. Our team will be available to you long after your design is in place, providing assistance for any repairs and maintenance needed in the months or years to come. To get started, just click here to discuss your project with one of our professionals!

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