Top Tips for Outdoor Stairway Lighting

Stairway lighting comes in different forms when outside versus inside of your home. Inside, stairs are typically together and serve the purpose of moving from one level to the next. Outside, stairs are often varied, more gradual, and can lead to a garden, pool, deck or another part of your property. Because these stairs can often be unexpected or unique, stairway lighting is a great idea to increase the safety of yourself and any guests that may enjoy time on your property.


Downlighting for Stairs

You’ve probably heard us discuss the beloved technique of downlighting- creating that moon-like wash of light shining down from above while fixed to a tree or another tall entity on your property. When aiming these lights down on outdoor stairs, you are able to increase the safety of this area without overwhelming with light. Downlighting often keeps a serene atmosphere, perfect for stairs leading to gardens on your property!

Path Lighting for Stairs

Some places on your property may have unpaved areas where steps are gradual and several feet apart. Instead of fixing lights to each stair, path lighting is a great method. These can simply be placed along the path where the steps are. Or, if you are particularly worried about the visibility of each step, a light can be fixed next to each step with this method as well. Many of our customers use this technique when they have wide steps that are varying sizes or shapes.

Post Lighting

At times, we have customers searching for stairway lighting for traditional staircases found outdoors, such as those to a deck or second level porch. Post lights can be placed along the stairway. The posts have lights attached to them and resemble sconces. Post lights are often brighter as they are not placed on each stair. We have many customers who choose to combine post lighting with other methods of step lighting.

Whichever method you may choose to illuminate your stairs outdoors, Prestige Outdoor Lighting is ready to assist. Be sure to choose a professional to ensure your design is cohesive with any other existing landscape lighting and the overall design of your outdoor living space. To get started, give us a call today at 910-754-5483.

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